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The smart issue handling and time tracking tool for developers, designers and product owners.

Issue Overview

Combining the best out of GitLab and Clockify.

For developers, GitLab is one of the most used project management and development solutions, but their time tracking is mostly done via Clockify. However, the data is not automatically synchronized.

This is the reason why we created ClockLab: We want all project managers to stay on track with estimations easily and allow Product Owners to analyze the team’s performance on epic, milestone and issue level without any extra efforts.

Real-time synchronization

ClockLab automatically syncs times you’ve tracked on GitLab issues with Clockify.

Easy controlling

Measure your team performance and have all KPI in view with ClockLab’s clear overviews.

Smart escalation assistant

Detect exceeding or incomplete issues immediately thanks to our early warning system.

Customize it individually

Regardless of the size of the team and project, ClockLab is fully adjustable to your needs.

Meet Marvin, your virtual assistant

Marvin, our smart automation bot, is a product owner’s best friend as he comes with lots of great features to make your life easier. Working 24/7, he will ensure to always keep your data quality at a maximum level.

Not only that he will take care of annoying manual work, such as reordering issues. Once he detects abnormalities, he will notify the corresponding team member(s) immediately.

GitLab Issue

Time-tracking hub

Real-time issue handling

Workflow automation

GitLab issue help desk

Dashboard Example


Take advantage of ClockLab’s wide range of features to fully customize it to your needs.

Your product owner assistant

Marvin ensures maximum data quality by checking all issues for required labels and validity. In addition, all people are kept in the loop through constant auto-replies.

Priority-based reordering

All issues are automatically sorted by priority in descending order in the individual stages so that you never miss an important issue.

Share issue progress

Provide a real-time status overview of your Gitlab issues with guests. Concise issue landing pages allow your team and clients to check issue states themselves.

Test cases

Each issue receives its own test case so that its correct implementation can be easily reviewed for maximum quality assurance. Marvin automatically queries these to-dos.

Clean up the dirt

Marvin automatically closes tickets in case of inactivity after a chosen number of days to ensure that your projects always remain clear and tidy.

Exportable statistics

Customizable statistics are available in various formats and compatible with other tools, such as your invoicing software, Excel or via API.

Frequently Asked Questions

ClockLab is a highly customizable service, and we have tried to answer most important questions in advance. Please contact us for further inquiries.

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